Our election programme

Here you will find a summary of our election programme for the VVD Oegstgeest for the municipal elections on 16 March 2022. We need your vote and support. We thank you in advance!

The VVD has achieved a lot for the residents of Oegstgeest over the past ten years, including multiple residential construction projects, investments in sports, and a more solid financial base for the future. We are happy and proud about that.

We want to keep going in the next four years, to make sure Oegstgeest stays in the top-10 of best municipalities in the Netherlands. To achieve this, the VVD Oegstgeest has set out four priorities. The necessary investments require extra money but are necessary to keep Oegstgeest viable and green in the foreseeable future.

Our priorities are: 

  • Keep it green, build with focus
  • Invest in important facilities
  • Stay independent
  • Achieve an affordable energy transition